The ethos of Ischia could be summed up in one word: quality.

Our philosophy is to consistently create products of the finest quality, using carefully selected and exquisitely blended natural ingredients for optimum efficacy without stressing or damaging the skin.

sistemi-gestione-qualitaOurs is an entrepreneurial project which pursues the highest standards and aims high, and where quality is the defining principle and characteristic, attained with not just our products but both our packaging and aesthetics. To meet the requirements of a growing environmentally-conscious market, we use increasingly sustainable raw materials, active ingredients and production phases. With perseverance and contagious enthusiasm Ischia invests, unabatedly every day, its human and financial resources in research and innovation to bring to our discerning customers products which are natural, safe and work.


Taking as an example nature’s ability to offer a potential solution to each and every human need, our company brings together modern biochemical and bio-dynamic research with age-old herbalist traditions, and strives to unite the two different pathways in a synergic manner. Thanks to highly qualified professionals (including chemists, cosmetologists and research scientists), our company checks and monitors the quality and purity of the extracts and natural ingredients that we use.

As a result we are able to guarantee that our products work and are safe, with the certitude that reliable testing has been carried out.