The thermal waters of Ischia

The cup of Nestor

Considered a jewel in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

The ancient Greeks were the first to colonize Ischia, and the first to use its thermo-mineral water springs for their manifold healing properties. In his most noted work the Greek geographer Strabo spoke of the island of Ischia and testified to the healing properties of its thermal waters: waters of low mineral content which surface at around 80° Celsius.

The first prestigious thermal baths were built in the 19th century in Casamicciola Terme where aristocratic families spent leisurely holidays at the health spas close to the plentiful hot water springs.

What sets the thermal waters in Casamicciola Terme apart from others are the unique qualities of their mineral and gaseous content, their colloidal suspension, and the radioactive and organically bio-active effects they possess.

Benefits to the skin are produced not just by trace elements in the water but by a complex of dermo-active elements that, in synergy, favour biochemical, physiochemical and physiotherapeutic functionality.

The Greek goddess Aphrodite, goddess of beauty

These waters (containing sulphate, magnesium, iodine, bromide, and calcium) are rich in essential elements for skin health and have, therefore, positive cosmetic and dermatologic effects.

The sulphur content gives these waters an exfoliating action while encouraging the skin’s healing process and favouring the epidermis’ renewal.