The thermal waters of Ischia

At Afrodite Ischia® we create luxury beauty creams. Following detailed research carried out on the effectiveness and benefits of thermal water, we are proud to present the Afrodite Ischia® cosmetic skin care range which boasts thermal water-based cosmetics for both facial and body healthcare and beauty. Our cosmetics contain powerful trace elements found in a unique combination in Ischia’s thermal waters. We have expertly delivered this extraordinary water into a cream that is an exquisite gift from nature to offer our customers worldwide a luxury enjoyed by those who have direct access to the island’s healing springs.

All the water in the Afrodite Ischia® cosmetic range is thermal water exclusively drawn from the natural springs and then used according to rigorous standards which include systematic quality checks and microbiological safety assessments.

Afrodite Ischia® uses only highly valued raw materials guaranteeing exceptionally high quality ingredients which are free from parabens and petrolatum. Our cosmetic products are not tested on animals, they are dermatologically tested and respect pH balances of the skin.

Cosmetics in the Afrodite Ischia® range contain coral dust, a perfect ally in reducing wrinkles because of its smoothing and anti-shine effects. Thanks to its high mineral content, which includes magnesium, iron and calcium, coral slows down the skin’s ageing process.

These minerals, in fact, aid the body in transmitting nerve impulses, in absorbing oxygen, and in activating certain enzymes that synthesise proteins, all of which are key functions in maintaining healthy and young-looking skin.

Moreover, the minerals which are the natural constituents of coral lead to noticeable improvements after use: iron, calcium and magnesium remineralise and rejuvenate the skin.

Ischia is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. It was the first Greek colony in Magna Graecia and is considered a jewel in the Gulf of Naples.

The ancient Greeks were the first to colonise Ischia, and the first to use its thermo-mineral water springs for their manifold healing properties. In his most noted work the Greek geographer Strabo spoke of the island of Ischia and testified to the curative qualities of its thermal waters which are oligomineral and surface at around 80° Celsius.

The first prestigious thermal baths were built in the 19th century in Casamicciola Terme where aristocratic families spent leisurely holidays at the health spas close to the plentiful hot water springs.

What sets the thermal waters in Casamicciola Terme apart from others are the unique qualities of their mineral and gaseous content, their colloidal suspension, and the radioactive and organically bio-active effects they possess. Benefits to the skin are produced not just by trace elements in the water but by a complex of dermo-active elements that, in synergy, favour biochemical, physiochemical and physiotherapeutic functionality.


These waters (containing sulphate, magnesium, iodine, bromide, and calcium) are rich in essential elements for skin health and have therefore positive cosmetic and dermatologic effects.

The sulphur content gives these waters an exfoliating action while encouraging the skin’s healing process and favouring the renewal of the epidermis.

Thermal water also has a stimulating effect on skin as it enhances microcirculation. The abundance of mineral salts and trace elements such as iodine, bromine, iron, copper, silicon, zinc and manganese makes thermal water an invaluable ally in fighting free radical damage and promoting healthy enzymatic reactions in the skin.