The Afrodite Ischia® team has a successful, well-established work ethic, a result of enthusiasm, expertise, and thorough knowledge of the island’s territory, resources and thermal waters. The coral is harvested by experts who have over thirty years experience in this field.

Tatiana Ohturskay  came to Ischia bringing with her the know-how from Eastern European countries which are renowned for the use of caviar in the production of cosmetics of the highest quality.

Tatiana has brought together her experience and the local characteristics of the Island, in particular the naturally hot thermal springs present in hundreds on Ischia.

She has without hesitation chosen only the very best, the springs in Casamicciola Terme, a famous area known to have the oldest springs used for thermal bathing and, more recently, for the production of thermal water-based cosmetics.

The use of coral to supply mineral microelements essential to the skin has been an incredibly effective finding which owes much to the natural environment – the sea in particular- due to the fact that these coral colonies of Anthozoa, subclass Octocorallia, only grow in pure, clear waters.